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Offering Comprehensive Guidance to Your Criminal Charges

Valeria Ruoso Law has been providing results to the community of Kitchener-Waterloo in Ontario for almost 20 years. As an individual and a criminal lawyer, I am easy to get along, which has helped me establish good relationships in the community and within the justice system. Resolutions to criminal law issues are not only found in negotiating or plea bargaining; they’re also available within the community. I have helped my clients gain access to treatment programs which have assisted them in finding long-term solutions to their underlying problems.

Drug Offences Lawyer In Kitchener-Waterloo

Your drug-related charges could be with regard to possession, trafficking or production of drugs in Canada. Your case deserves an honest and effective criminal lawyer who can protect your interests. As your criminal lawyer, I can defend you by challenging the evidence produced by the prosecution, and I can even bring a Charter application. If you are an addict or a dealer, I can reach out to the community resources that help with treatment options. In certain cases, trafficking gets complicated when minimum jail sentences are imposed. My approach is to put all the options before you and address the issues that got you into it.

Defending Your Theft And Fraud Charges

If you are being accused of stealing money or any other property, your reputation is on the line. A conviction of such sort could leave a criminal record harming your chances at a job you have always wanted or applying for a loan to buy a house or a car. Contact my office, Valeria Ruoso Law in Kitchener, Ontario and I can help you understand what these charges mean and explore possible defence options. I can defend you in matters of:

  • Theft charges such as shoplifting, break and enter, possession of stolen property, robbery, armed robbery and burglary
  • Fraud charges such as identity theft, credit card fraud and forgery

Contact Your Local Criminal Lawyer: Val Ruoso

You can schedule an appointment with me by calling at 519-804-1912 or by sending me an email. All your information will remain private and confidential. I also accept legal aid certificates.