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Honest Legal Advice On the Best Interest of the Child

Children are an integral part of a family unit. As your family lawyer, I can ensure that the best interests of your children are the top priority in resolving your family law conflict. Conflict with your spouse does not have to mean that one parent has to be left out of their children’s lives unless there are profound circumstances. Nor do you have to live in fear that the state will intervene and deny you custody. At Valeria Ruoso Law in Kitchener, I focus on being honest and upfront when addressing concerns that you or any member of your family may have.

Child Support Payment

The child support guidelines have made it convenient for parents to determine how much each parent is obligated to contribute based on his or her income. But based on your circumstances and additional financial obligations, I can negotiate terms that work for you and help find financial support and planning.

Children’s Aid Society (CAS)

CAS was created with a legal mandate to protect the interests of children in family law disputes. My role as your lawyer is to negotiate a plan that helps mitigate the situation. I do so by developing a good working relationship with CAS workers so that positive results can be attained. I am also able to negotiate forcefully when required.

Agent Of The Office Of The Children’s Lawyer (OCL)

I also offer my services as an agent of the OCL, which means I get hired to represent the interests of the children only in a family law dispute. I can analyze the needs and the best interests of the children in question. My honest advice can help you move forward with fewer complications in the future. I also accept private clients who might want independent representation for the children in the family.

A Planned Future For Your Children

If you are struggling to find answers to your questions relating to your children and any other related matter, contact Valeria Ruoso Law in Kitchener, Ontario. You can schedule an appointment for an in-depth analysis of your case by either calling me at 519-804-1912 or completing the online contact form. All communication between us will remain private and confidential.

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