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Collaborative Approach To Spousal Support

As an experienced family law lawyer, I have helped several clients understand the complex rules and terms in spousal support matters. I typically start with two terms that help my clients understand who owes what to whom: a payor and a recipient.

A payor is someone who is obligated to pay spousal support, and a recipient is someone who is entitled to receive spousal support.

Determining spousal support is simple in most cases, but in cases where both parties have an income, the determination is based on several factors. I can effectively assess your case and ensure your future is protected. Instead of litigation, I can mediate and negotiate your spousal support case, saving you time and money.

Drafting Spousal Agreements For Kitchener-Waterloo Residents

There are several advantages of drafting a family law agreement with me. I can help you save money, reduce costs, ease stress and protect your interests. My expertise in drafting customized agreements has helped my clients avoid unwanted future litigation. Listed here are a few examples of family law agreements I can draft for you:

  • Separation agreements, which are made before a divorce and during the separation period
  • Cohabitation agreements, which are for unmarried couples who are living together
  • Prenuptial agreements, which can be drafted before a couple gets married
  • Postnuptial agreements, which are similar to prenuptial agreements but are drafted after the couple is married

Contact Valeria Ruoso Law For All Spousal Matters

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