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Violent Crimes Defence Requires Diligent Lawyer

Violent crime convictions often carry harsh penalties, such as prison time, depending upon the nature of the crime. As an experienced criminal lawyer, I have a good understanding of what you might be facing and how effectively I can bring a defence. While I can handle violent offence charges delicately, I ensure that all possible defences are advocated fiercely, if needed. If you are facing jail time, I can suggest options for dealing with these difficult circumstances, such as proposing reduced sentence, treatment programs, community service, probation and advice on how to address the issues and charges, where possible.

If you face any of the charges listed here, contact Valeria Ruoso Law for the best result possible:

  • Assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic assault
  • Assault causing bodily harm
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Criminal harassment
  • Criminal negligence causing bodily harm or death

Your Domestic Assault Charge Must Be Challenged

I also help my clients with domestic assault cases, which often overlaps with family law resolutions. As a criminal and family law practitioner, I am able to offer knowledgeable insight when seeking resolutions for such complicated issues. Whether it is to dismiss the charges, enforce a peace bond or apply for access and custody right for the children, the best interests of the children and in turn the client are my main priority.

Val Can Contest Your Weapon-Related Charges

Firearms are not the only objects considered to be a weapon: Household items such as knives, baseball bats and even pens could be used as weapons to cause harm. But the harm caused could have been unintentional or for self-defence. I can ensure that your circumstances will be effectively described. Together, we could have your charges dismissed, reduced, withdrawn or stayed. The outcome of your case will depend not just on the facts of your case but also on how you adhere to the advice I offer you. You will have all the necessary information to make an informed decision and take positive steps to mitigate further damage.

Contact A Kitchener-Waterloo Criminal Lawyer

I can offer you an honest assessment of the charges that you are facing. To discuss your case, call me at 519-804-1912 or you can also reach me via my online form. Together, we can resolve your case in the best way possible. I accept legal aid certificates.

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